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Programs & Free Seminars

As a commitment to our community, we at  South Carolina Community Bank are offering the following free seminars to groups of individuals.  Please contact our Main Office to obtain details.

Bank On It

This course assists you in understanding the basics of personal finances.  It helps you understand how to choose a bank and the services that fit your need.

Check It Out

Covers the basics of a having a checking account, different types of checking accounts, how to use a check register, balancing your account and helps with the understanding of checking account fees, interest payments, etc.

Loan To Own

Teaches the understanding of installment loans that is important when considering taking out a loan to make purchases.  This course provides general information on installment loans, car loans and describes the characteristics of consumer installment loans.

Pay Yourself First

Saving money is an important part of building your financial future.  This course will give you some tips to help you get started and show you how your money can grow when you save.  Gain valuable tips on how to manage your money.

To Your Credit

An important step to financial security is understanding your credit report and building a positive credit history.  Gain general information on credit reports, how to repair credit and available resources.

Owning Your Own Home

By the end of this course, participants will be familiar with the process in obtaining financing for homeownership.


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